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the KELANTAN encyclopedia  

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:: A is for Akok ::

referring to a type of popular traditional delicacy eapecially in the East Coast (Kelantan and Terengganu). kuih akok is usually in oval shape and wrinkly with a sweet taste. akok is brownish in clour and the more white egg used, the more wrinkly (but tasty) it will be.

:: B is for Beledo ::

a sweet soft solid food (jelly) made of liquid set with gelatin and shakes when moved. there are various flavour and colour mostly red, yellow, green, pink, etc.

:: C is for Colek ::

mixfruit salad or seafood salad is very popular at the East Coast beach. it is eaten by dipping the fruits or fried seafood into a special sauce (different sauce for different kind of colek). during fasting month, its famous supper dish.

:: D is for Dekcok ::

a traditional game known as hopscoatch (teng-teng)

:: E is for Eppek ::
to squeeze or go near something

:: F is for Fadhilat ::
mosthly in doing good things, there must be a reward / benefit for every kindness done.

:: G is for Gok ::

a chicken hut or a small shed for hens, ducks, etc.

:: H is for Hungga ::
RUN or move with quick steps and with always at least one foot of the ground.

:: I is for Imsak ::
it is the time between sahur (meal before fasting) and fajr (dwan) prayer.

:: J is for Jabit ::

raisin or a small dried sweet grape used in cakes, cooking, etc.

:: K is for Kurma ::

becomes popular dessert among muslims during ramadhan as they follow the practice (sunnah) Rasulullah s.a.w.

:: L is for Lembek ::

a mattress, a strong cloth case filled with soft or firm material and used for sleeping on. Lembek here is pronounced 'lamb-back ' not to be mistaken with the word 'lembik' (squashy, mushy)

:: M is for Mechok ::
an action that shows one`s strong disapproval or disagreement about something while sulking and protest.

:: N is for Nnise ::

a product from coconut trees (Coconut palm sugar)

:: O is for OK aloh ::
ALAHAI or a word caused by something happening suddenly or unexpectedly.

:: P is for Pleting ::

A straw ...also used for making mats, hats and other traditional items / craft.

:: Q is for Qiyammulail ::
Middle of the night prayer. encouraged during the holy month of ramadhan.

:: R is for Roba ::

an eraser for removing pencil marks.

:: S is for Sahur ::
meal taken before the time for fajr prayer.

:: T is for Terawih ::

night prayer during the month of ramadhan

:: U is for Ulama`::
pious people thah is recognized has having specialized knowledge of islamic sacred law and teology.

:: V is for Veteren ::
people with lot of experience, especially as a soldier or member of armed forces.

:: W is for Witir ::
a special prayer as a symbol of the end of each day`s prayers.

:: X is for X-Trail ::

:: Y is for Yakni ::
"which means ...."

:: Z is for Zakat ::
2.5% of personal wealth which is already due to be set apart as an offering to the defined group of people.

~sumber: QIADAH.

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